Congratulations Kerri Miller! πŸ₯šπŸ₯‡

Kerri Miller πŸ₯šπŸ₯‡ is the winner of the inaugural West Coast 66 Rally.

She started out by being the first one to find the Easter Egg hidden in the Rally Book. We put the over/under on number of riders finding this at 0.5…and took the under. Kerri found it on the first day!

Once the rally actually started, Kerri pretty much made a beeline straight for Death Valley…as one does. Setting up the Death Valley bonus up pretty much consumed her day 1. Clearly, her goal was to be there early in the morning to avoid the heat. That also put her in a great position to grab the Margaritaville sign on the Las Vegas Strip before there were too many drunks staggering along Las Vegas Blvd.

Continuing her epic day 2, she picked up the checkpoint in Duarte, then to the Bay Area to power through the Tech Company category to grab the lucrative Silicon Valley combo – low points for the individual bonuses, but a big payoff for the combo.

She wasn’t done yet. On day 3, she headed back up to Washington and rode right past the Finish to grab her third bonus from the Annoying and Mean category – Tillicum Village. Located a short 27 minute boat ride from downtown Seattle. And that’s boat, not ferry. Her motorcycle had to stay behind.

As if that wasn’t enough, she went to what is, for the time being at least, still Amazon’s HQ to complete the “Axis of Evil” Combo. (along with Google and Facebook.)

And she still wasn’t done. On her way into the barn, she grabbed the Seahawks training center, then the “But it’s Right There” Combo – Two bonuses separated by 2.6 miles, but 1.5 hours of riding.

Congratulations again to Kerri on her epic ride!

CodeBonus NamePoints
PR000Starting deficit-5000
PR101First Submission1000
PR011Rider 11 Rules1000
PR100Spotwalla setup2000
PR103Reading Newsletter 3500
PR102Signed Release1000
EE999Justin’s secret bonus1000
SF101Motorcycle Statue outside the Ram0
SF102Start Odometer0
CP100Motorcycle Statue outside the Ram0
OW124Government Camp OR653
OW140Frenchglen OR1685
OW154Denio NV1525
OW161Austin NV465
OW164Tonopah NV528
ZZ106Rest Bonus 1 – 6 Hour Min110000
AM110Furnace Creek Visitor Center – Temperature shown is 110Β° F or less.3539
AM101Margaritaville Sign4256
FB006Las Vegas Raiders 666
ST004Nevada Receipt700
ST003California Receipt500
CP200Route 66 Roadhouse and Tavern0
OW172Post Office Bakersfield CA652
TC901Silicon Valley8546
ZZ206Rest Bonus 2 – 6  Hour Min110000
ST002Oregon Receipt500
ST001Washington Receipt500
ST901One State Two States500
SP100Spot Tracking10000
AM107Tillicum Village7599
TC902Axis of Evil6660
FB001Seattle Seahawks1212
OW123Sound View Camp1234
OW193Zittle’s Marina123
OW902But it’s RIGHT THERE5425
SF121Motorcycle Statue outside the Ram0
SF122Finish Odometer0