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Things are a little different this year…hopefully for the better.

This year’s West Coast 66 will start and finish in one location, specifically KENNEWICK, WA.

May 25, 2022 through May 29, 2022

The Sneaky Deets

  • Entry fee is $300 for 1up, $420 for 2up which will include:
    • Two dinners
    • Typical rally swag
    • Finisher plaque
  • All scoring will be done electronically in near-real time.
    • HOWEVER….this year individual posts will not be made public.
    • The scoreboard may or may not be updated on a periodic basis. We’ll just have to see.
  • If the border is open: CANADA IS IN PLAY.
  • If the border is open and you want to “seek” glory: ALASKA IS IN PLAY.
  • Bonus packet will be handed out at the Start Banquet, Wednesday May 24.
  • Start at HIGH NOON on May 25, finish at HIGH NOON May 29.
    • And yes, I figured out a way to make that 66 hours. I’m a rally master – That means I can do anything including altering time.
  • Things you should read before you sign up:

People who should sign up for this rally:

  • You want a warm up for the LDX
  • You want to have fun.
  • You like riding in the most beautiful place in the world

People who shouldn’t sign up for this rally:

  • You take yourself REALLY seriously.
  • If you don’t win this rally, you are going to have a really bad day and make sure everyone around you has a really bad day too.
  • You don’t appreciate humor.
  • You like riding through really ugly parts of the country. We all know where I’m talking about.
  • You signed up for this rally last year and didn’t tell me you weren’t planning to ride until I called you three hours into the event to find out why you hadn’t moved.


Heck yeah you are!

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