West Coast 66 Rally Rules & Guidelines


Nothing is more important than you arriving home safely after the Rally. Nothing. No part of this event is worth getting hurt or damaging your motorcycle. Remember, we’re talking about imaginary internet points here. Your participation in this rally is a selfish act – it does nothing for your family and loved ones. Remember that during the Rally and act accordingly.

  • If you are tired, you need to stop. Immediately.
  • If you don’t feel right, you need to stop. Immediately.
  • If you don’t feel 100% safe, you need to stop. Immediately.
  • If you don’t feel a location is safe to visit, do not go there. Any points lost in the event are not worth compromising your safety.

Rider Responsibility

Riders in this Rally are expected to demonstrate the utmost in integrity and responsibility.

As a rider in this Rally, you are solely responsible for:

  • Planning and riding a safe route;
  • Your happiness during the Rally;
  • Your actions during the Rally;
  • Your personal safety during the Rally.

The following items will result in immediate disqualification from the Rally and ban from any future event organized by Long Riders Media, LLC:

  • Dangerous or irresponsible behavior.
  • Failure to render aid to a Rally participant or member of the general public in an emergency or life threatening situation.
  • Reckless riding or excessive speed.
  • Discourteous actions towards Rally staff, volunteers, participants, the general public, or law enforcement during the Rally. There will be zero tolerance for this. Think before you speak, no matter how tired or frustrated you might be.
  • Receiving undue assistance during the Rally, as determined by the Rally Master.
  • Failure to notify the Rally Master that you have stopped participating in the Rally.
  • Failure to wear a helmet at any time while operating a motorcycle during the Rally.
  • Attempting to claim a bonus without actually traveling to the specified location.
  • Any violation of the Rules and Guidelines or the spirit of these Rules and Guidelines
  • Any attempt at cheating or attempting to gain an unfair advantage, as determined by the Rally Master. Lack of understanding of the Rules and Guidelines is not a defense or excuse.
  • Any action which discredits the Organizer, Rally Master, or staff of the Rally.

Release of Liability

This Rally is sanctioned by the American Motorcyclists Association. All participants will be required to sign an American Motorcyclists Association Recreational Event release. If you are not willing to sign this release, please do not sign up for the Rally.

Rider and Equipment Requirements

This Rally must be completed using a two-wheel motorcycle. Motorcycles with side cars will be considered two-wheeled motorcycles. Three-wheeled motorcycles may be approved by the Rally Master on a case by case basis.

All riders competing in this Rally shall:

  • Hold a valid driver’s license with applicable endorsement for the motorcycle used in the Rally.
  • Hold insurance for the rider, passengers and motorcycle, including proof thereof, as required by the laws of the state in which their motorcycle is registered.
  • Wear a DOT certified helmet when operating a motorcycle during the Rally.

Every motorcycle competing in this Rally shall:

  • Comply with all applicable Federal and State requirements.
  • Have a functioning odometer.
  • Operate under it’s own power. If your motorcycle needs to be towed to be repaired, you must ride back to the point where the breakdown occurred before continuing on the Rally.
  • Be considered to be in safe working order by a reasonable person. (i.e. would you let your 90 year old Mom ride this motorcycle?)

The same motorcycle must be used during the rally. This isn’t the Iron Butt Rally – no one is going to care who wins. If you need to change motorcycles, it’s time to call it a day and retire.

Rally Start and End Times

All Rally times will be Pacific Daylight Time.

There is no grace period on the ending time of the Rally. If you don’t arrive at the designated finishing point by the end of the rally, you will not be considered a finisher.

All bonus submissions must be received prior to the end of the rally. Submissions received after the end of the rally – for any reason – will not be scored.


All bonus submissions must be submitted via e-mail to ‘scoring @ westcoast66. com’. No bonuses will be scored unless they are sent to this email address.

All bonus submissions must contain the following items:

  • A valid bonus code in the first 5 characters of the subject line of the email.
  • A picture showing the subject of the bonus location and the Rider’s Rally Flag.
  • Any other item specifically required in the Bonus Listing

Submissions must be sent in from as close as possible to the bonus location as possible. No sandbagging. Obviously, some locations will not have cell service. In this case, send your submissions in as soon as you can. See ‘Rider Responsibility’ section.

Please try to match the sample picture as close as possible. We’re not looking for a pixel by pixel recreation, but please don’t be lazy. The following criteria will be used to judge your submission:

  • Is the rider clearly taking the photo near the GPS coordinates specified in the bonus listing?
  • Can the scorer clearly see and identify the item specified in the bonus listing?
  • Is the number on the rider’s rally flag clearly visible?
  • If riding two up: Is one member of the team in the photo?

The closer you match the sample picture, the more likely you will receive points. If you take the picture of the bonus subject from a different angle as the sample, or from tens or hundreds of feet away from the bonus subject, you are risking not getting the points.

Additionally, the software we are using to score will present your picture in about a 3″ x 4″ window. There is no zooming in. It is the rider’s responsibility to submit a picture that the scorers can see the subject of the picture. If you are worried about this, match the sample picture as close as possible.

Bonus Listing

Bonus Listing will be distributed following the rider’s meeting. You will receive the following items:

  • A PDF file with the narrative of each bonus. This document will contain any specific instructions for bonuses along with a sample picture.
  • A GPX file containing all waypoints
  • A text file (comma separated values) containing all waypoints
  • A KML file containing all waypoints

Lost Rally Flag Procedure

  1. Contact the Rally Master via phone or text message as soon as you realize you’ve lost the flag.
  2. Submit a selfie with the saddest face you can make – this will probably not be difficult. Use bonus code PT100, and be happy you are only being penalized 1000 points. Failure to perform this step will result in all subsequent submissions being scored ‘No Points’ due to the lack of a Rally flag.
  3. Practice your smile. Your entire face will now be the substitute for your flag in all subsequent photos. Note: Your helmet is not your face. If you don’t have a flip up helmet, you will need to take it off. (…your helmet sicko.) Merely raising your visor on a rigid full face helmet is not sufficient.
  4. If you later find your rally flag, congratulations! Now:
    • Contact the Rally Master via text message and inform him you’ve found your flag. You may also opine about your mental state.
    • Submit a picture of the rally flag. Use bonus code PT101. You will be penalized an additional 1000 points.
    • Your rally flag will now substitute for your face in all subsequent photos. Failure to perform these steps will result in all subsequent submissions being scored ‘No Points’ due to the lack of a Rally flag.

Bonus Location Irregularity Procedure

There are no tricks with bonus locations. The bonus subject should at or near the GPS coordinates specified in the Bonus Listing. If the subject of the bonus location has been updated, destroyed, moved, or is otherwise unavailable, riders should follow the procedure outlined in the bonus listing.

Your submission may be initially be marked as No Points or as Under Review. However, this will be updated and you will receive the points, assuming no other rider was able to submit the picture as stated in the Bonus Listing. (Meaning: It was possible to get the bonus as specified and you erred.)

Anything Else Not Covered In These Rules and Guidelines

Anything not specifically covered by these rules will be determined by the Rally Master on a case by case basis. Additionally, these rules are subject to change at any time. All decisions of the Rally Master are FINAL.