12 thoughts on “Sf121

  1. Congratulations Kerri, that was a very impressive ride definitely way out of my league. 😊😊

    1. Thanks, Tim! This was a big ride even for me; I’d done 10 700+ miles days in a row on my 48/10 last month, but 3 900+ mile days, when you throw in bonus hunting and all that can entail.. luckily I had great weather all three days – cool temps across the Mojave, minimal smoke from the fires, and got lucky with the ferry to snag it an hour earlier than I had planned. Almost makes up for the embarrassment of having the parking garage door at the ferry dock close on my helmet as I rode through, knock me and the bike over in front of all those Seahawks fans.. or being so pleased with my joke about HP laptops that I left my flag behind… 😂

  2. Great run. This whole adventure was great. Getting to see all the check in’s for these riders was awesome.

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