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Things are a little different this year…hopefully for the better.

This year’s West Coast 66 will start and finish in one location, specifically the



May 26, 2022 through May 29, 2022

$325 for 1-up, $460 for 2-up

The Sneaky Deets

  • 30 riders maximum. Get in while the gettins’ good.
  • Your entry fee will include:
    • Two dinners
    • One lunch
    • A bunch of crap totally amazing things with the rally’s logo on it (aka swag)
    • A shirt
  • All scoring will be done electronically in real(ish) time.
    • HOWEVER….this year individual posts will not be made public…immediately.
    • The scoreboard may or may not be updated on a periodic basis during the rally. We’ll just have to see.
  • If the border is open: CANADA IS IN PLAY.
  • If the border is open and you want to “seek” glory: ALASKA IS IN PLAY.
  • Bonus packet will be handed out at the Start Banquet, Wednesday May 25.
  • Start at HIGH NOON on May 26, finish at HIGH NOON May 29.
    • And yes, I figured out a way to make that 66 hours.
    • As a rally master, I possess a certain set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a career of LD rallies. Skills that include making a 66 hour rally start and end at noon three days apart.
  • Things you should read before you sign up:


Heck yeah you are!

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