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West Coast 66

This 66-hour rally will start at 0559 on Thursday August 19, 2021 and conclude at 2359 on Saturday August 21, 2021.

There will be four start/finish locations, two of which will also be mandatory checkpoints:

  • Olympia, WA (also mandatory checkpoint)
  • Eugene, OR
  • Sacramento, CA
  • Duarte, CA (also mandatory checkpoint)

This is designed to be a remote rally. There will not be any organized events in conjunction with the rally.

However, that doesn’t mean folks can’t get together on their own at the Start/Finish locations.

Participants will be granted access to a private Facebook Group after they register.

Entry fee is $149.

All scoring will be done in near-real time and made public immediately.

Things you should read before you sign up:

Special Note for our Canadian Friends: If you sign up and the border is still closed in August, we’ll refund your money right up until the start of the event.


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